Sunday 6 December 2020

Dreem Teem V Artful Dodger - It Aint Enough (Official Video)

Old school fire alert

Woah, who remembers? This one here was big on the streets, and I feel highly privileged to of witnessed this train wreak first hand. A quality production, and song but who is? and what happened to the lead singer? I mean , I don't think she ever existed in club land? whatever the case she disappeared just like the real Artful Dodger. I mean the only thing this record didn't supersede was their ego's. Check it out Artful Dodger and the Dreem Teem 'Warning, it just ain't enough'.

Friday 23 October 2020

Mr.Cheeks - Lights, Camera, Action! (Official Music Video)

 🔥📯  Classic Fire Alert📯🔥 

Who remembers this? Mr. Cheeks 😂 With Lights Camera Action. What a ridiculous name in hindsight!
But, Yo! the beat is 🔥 and this track is still banging.

Check it out

Monday 19 October 2020

The Clash - Police On My Back (Remastered)

🔥Classic fire alert🔥

I love the discovering music, I haven't heard before . Totally not my genre or time, but this record is banging something silly. Have a hit of this joint. It's fire 🔥

The Clash - Police on my back

Monday 24 August 2020

Horace Brown - Shake It Up


OOHHhhWEEeeee! This is that nightclub fire, from back in the day. That pure RnB, Horace Brown at his best with "Shake it up".

Have a Listen! its 🔥

Saturday 25 July 2020

Stitches - Molly Cyrus *Explicit*

🔥Still Fire🔥

The Artist like Stitches, My old school jams is saying "Stitches" is one of the best rappers to come out of the mud in the past 10 years I cant relate to this dude but the music is real and its fire 🔥.

Check it out Molly Cyrus by Stiches its a classic Jam.

Saturday 4 July 2020

Monica - Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) (Video)

🔥Classic Fire🔥

One of them days for real. Check out Monica with an absolute classic, what a legend what a classic jam.


Wednesday 17 June 2020

T-Pain - Chopped N Skrewed ft. Ludacris


Classic Fire

"Now you've officially been Chopped and Screwed"

What a classic from the man none other than T - Pain


Wednesday 3 June 2020

It's My House - DIANA ROSS '1979

Classic Alert

This isn't my jam I am not going to lie, I need to cover this with them deep tones so you they know. " It's my house and I live here " way before my time but its cool and worth a listen considering city's of the world are being burnt and looted.

have a listen and remember not to burn your city down! 

Thursday 21 May 2020

Dilated Peoples ft Kanye West - This Way

🔥Classic Alert🔥

This song is a whole mood, check out Dilated Peoples and Kayne West at their best with "This way".


Wednesday 13 May 2020

🟢JAY Z & R. Kelly - Green Light🟢

🟢🔥Classic Fire Alert🔥🟢

ARRGGH This album dropped like a meteorite what a record from Jay Z and R Kelly - With "Green Light" it's fire and it's time to Go! From the Best of Both Worlds Album.

Listen 🟢 

The Dream Team - Stamina

🔥Classic Alert🔥

Yo what a smasher from back in the day when jungle was a Jungle before Drum & bass came along and things became weird. Not sure if this is the same Dream team from the garage scene but these guys and record are legendary.

The Dream Team with "Stamina"

Listen 🔥 

Thursday 7 May 2020


📯Club Classic Alert📯

A south Coast club classic, the kind of record DJ's used to play at 5 o'clock in the morning to raise the vibe a notch.

Mongloids on the remix, NUYORICAN SOUL - RUNAWAY 

Listen 🔥 

Tuesday 5 May 2020

Frisco Kid- Rubbers- Joyride Riddim

📯📯📯Classic Alert

Joyrider 'riddim' what a classic, one of the hottest version from day "Frisco Kid", sharing truth and guidance with "Rubbers"

Check out this Dancehall classic it's  🔥

Sunday 3 May 2020

Extinction Level Event (The Song Of Salvation) - Busta Rhymes

🔥Classic Fire Alert🔥

Busta Rhymes with Extinction Level Event 👌 this is what you call vintage hip hop, this expressive art was way ahead of its times and the proof really is in the pudding

Listen and Listen good 🔥

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Saturday 25 April 2020


👌❤️More Fire🔥🔥

Lyric for lyric fire 🔥 from the kiddie T Kay, this joint torched the streets into oblivion, and it is now a classic on my old school jams. Big up Tay K with The Race

Listen 🔥

Ludacris - Area Codes (Feat. Nate Dogg)

❤️🔥Classic Alert🔥❤️

What a classic from Ludacris and Nate Dogg, a timeless classic with Area Codes. 


Boyz II Men - It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

🔥Classic Alert👌More fire🔥 

Big classic from one of the most critically acclaimed vocal harmony groups of the 90's with "Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday" It's Boyz II Men.


The Beatles - Help!

Classic Alert👌

Some old school from Old School jams today with a Classic from British Icon's the Beatles. No Joke we used to smash out this song in school assembly's guitars out the lot. 

Have a listen! 🔥 

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Bone Thugs N Harmony - Crossroads

👌 Classic Alert🔥 

Big classic from Bone Thugs and Harmony with Crossroads what and iconic rap group! These guys changed the game and they still sound fresh with that vintage heat, for my old school jams.



Saturday 4 April 2020

Roni Size - Box Of Tricks

Classic Alert 🔥 💥

1996 was a good year for music check out this underground jungle classic from Roni Size - Box of Tricks

Listen 💥

Friday 3 April 2020

Bill Withers - Lovely Day (Audio)

R.I.P Bill Withers 😇😇

We are having a Bill Withers session at My Old School Jam's. As we embrace the works of the recently passed Bill Withers. The word on the streets is "this is arguably one of the best songs ever." Let's listen 🔥 

Bill Withers with Lovely Day

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

R.I.P Bill Withers 😇

The world has lost a legend today, by the name of Bill Wither at the aged of 81. We're left with this timeless record. "Ain't no sunshine" and what an amazing record it is. R.I.P Bill Withers.

Sunday 1 March 2020

T.I. - Live Your Life ft. Rihanna [Official Video]

🔥🔥 Woah Classic Alert 🔥🔥

Taking it back, way back into time with this. Bringing the nostalgia, with that T.I ft Rhi Rhi , "Live your life" classic old school vibes.


Friday 21 February 2020

05. Aaliyah - Down With the Clique

Classic Alert  🔥🔥🔥

Who is out tonight? it's Friday and here is some warm up music before you hit the club with the clique.

Crazy classic form the legendary and beloved Aaliyah  with "Down with the Clique" from iconic "Age ain't nothing but a number" album.

Now check check check it out 💥

Sunday 9 February 2020

Eminem - My Fault (Explicit)

Classic Alert 🔥

What a record from the Slim Shady LP. Check out Eminem at his Best!

Sunday 12 January 2020

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

                Its My Birthday 🎂🥂

A Big thank you, for the Birthday love and wishes people. It is much appreciated!